Terms of User Agreement for Our Web Site

Terms and Conditions

Bookmark Synopsis is the place where you can put your Own or your favourite website/webpage so the other user can discover your content and your awesome stuff. It is also a place where you can explore anything new and interesting but while you are using this awesome "Bookmark Synopsis" services there are some "Terms and Conditions" which you have to follow. We are not going to talk about section 13 page no. 56, this is will be straight and simple and point to point terms for you.

We Hate SPAM

We love those who try to serve best stuff to others and spreading Awesomeness in this place but we surely hate those who try to promote S#*t for no reason. Our only purpose is to provide the greatest content to all the members we have. We clearly don't like any DMCA or another copyright content which you have try to submit. We not gonna tolerate SPAM in our website. There are the list of do's and Don'ts for you. Kindly follow:


  • You can submit any website's any webpage to our website (Exclude Porn).
  • You can add any pictures to this website.
  • You can add any content which serves helpful information to other users.
  • You can post pictures of yourself.
  • Submit the stuff which spread awesomeness and peace.
  • You can post your personal stories/feeling/gigs etc.
  • You can Message others.
  • You can encourage your friends to connect at this awesome website.
  • You can manage you friend list here. By inviting they form all social accounts


  • You cannot add any pornography website.
  • Don't add any image/ website/ video which violates DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) or someone else have rights on it.
  • Do not add any content which Not Safe For Work.
  • You cannot post pictures of others members against their will.
  • Do not submit content which encourages violence, threatens, harasses and bullies
  • Do not post confidential and personal information (cell numbers, address, bank account number, passwords or something which is really much confidential)
  • Do not hurt other people sentiments and don't abuse anyone.
  • Do not create multiple accounts to gain likes and views.
  • Do beg for likes, visits and views here.

If you follow our "Do's" rules then we surely gonna love you for this.


If we find you in "Don'ts" activity, then we are gonna Penalized or BAN your account for-sure.

So try to make positive environment in this place and try be "AWESOME".

There is some things which you have to know about us. By our Equality rule you have to know our rights.

We moderate all the post that you submit or going to submit, if that post contains which is "Not Safe For Work" or any "Copyright Infringement" on the content/picture/video, we have the power to take down that post/account. Because we respect the originality and the royalties of the content/picture/video. So here is the little procedure if we got any DMCA or any other Copyright Notice:-

At first we are gonna inform you by the contact E-mail which you just have registered with us (Notice with 10 days removal period).

If you take that post down then it’s okay, if not then we gonna delete that post on 10th day and Suspend your account for 15 days.

If you own the copyright content/picture/video then here is little procedure which you have to follow:-

Send us the copy of you copyright content/picture/video certificate, your Identity (government approved), your electrical signature and you photographs. Send us to [email protected]

Then we send e-mail to them and make that misunderstanding clear between both.

Privacy Policy

Our Prime purpose is spreading peace and happiness but in this website our purpose is to provide and maintain the Privacy while you stay with us. Sometime users put their very personal details and it’s our duty to make it secure and make it private. We have made some privacy policy for you so you can feel comfortable. There are very few things which we get while you are on our website.

  • IP address
  • Location
  • Country code
  • Country name
  • Resign code
  • Region name
  • City
  • Time zone
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Zip code
  • Metro code
  • Login date-time when the user login his/her account

WHY? It’s because there are some of information which we need so anyone cannot do any harm by using this service. 

Cookies and Cache

Yes, we use this to make your experience better while you use our services. We also use Cookies because once you login and the next time you don't need fill the login again if you will not remove Cookies from your browser. Cache memory has also do the same part for making better user experience. These are only two things which we store into user's device. But if you facing any problem or any kind of feel insecure about our privacy policy then please don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help mail us at [email protected] our support team will sort all issues.

And Finally

Thanks for reading this now you are about to be the Awesomest Member of Bookmark Synopsis. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!